This one’s quite a bit different from other dream garages. As only half of your picks are vehicles! *Cue dramatic music.

So commie bastards (or whatever your country’s ideological rival is) come dropping down on your town/city. You’ve deiced to flee and join the resistance in the hills (or whatever notable terrain feature is near you.) Not only will y’all need to survive out there, but also wage guerrilla warfare against the invaders! So make your choices wisely.

1) Primary Vehicle

 This will be your only “car” you get to chose. The only restrictions are that it must be no bigger than a full size pickup (F-150 etc) and it must be sold in your country.

2) Secondary Vehicle

You’ll also get to bring a second vehicle, however this one will be must smaller. For a rule of thumb it’d have to fit in the back of a pickup. This would be something like a dirt bike, snowmobile, mountain bike, skis, or anything else. Get creative!


3) Firearm/Weapon

Self explanatory. Must be used for hunting and fighting. However there’s a couple of restrictions here. It must be a civilian weapon and no AR-15s or other variants of the M4/M16. Also Europeans or CA/NY residents you get to go by the Texas definition of civilian weapon. So basically anything semi-automatic, even a copy of a military weapon. Just keep in mind a 5.56 might not be best choice for hunting deer or larger game.

4) Military Support

So you’ve established your camp and have made contact with the military. Although they’re unable to send a force to liberate your town, they can send you one of the following soldiers, all of whom will have their own supplies and equipment.


A) Sniper

B) Combat Engineer (Fortify and improve your camp)

C) EOD guy (can defuse and build IEDs)

D) Mortar team

E) Drone w/ operator (Recon only. No weapons)

F) Guy with rocket launchers (Can destroy aircraft and armored vehicles)

PS: Don’t worry about any of this if you though the remake of Red Dawn was better than the original. Because you were killed in the invasion :p


Rocky theme song to make your training/raid montage epic.