This one isn’t a challenge, I just want to know ONE SPECIFIC vehicle you honestly plan to own no matter the time it takes. The big difference in this question than the usual “dream garage” question is that when you love something and truly plan to own it, you become a semi-fanatic on that particular generation of vehicle. I’ll give you an example of a car I absolutely know I’m going to own one day, regardless of what ever better cars, versions, or values are available.

Simply put, a 2013 Jaguar XJL Supersport. You may wonder about a 2012 XJL Supersport? No. How about a 2013 Jaguar XJ-SS on the shorter wheelbase? No. How about the much more powerful and equally fuel efficient 2014 XJR LWB. Nope! My heart is set on the 2013 Jaguar XJL SS. Whether I’m 30 or 67, whether I buy a 2026 XJL SVR Sport-Hybrid Queens Centennial Edition (Ian Callum Signature), Im going to buy a 2013 XJL Supersport regardless at some point.

One key reason is that the 2013 model year was the last iteration of the Supersport since it was replaced by the more powerful and technical XJR. The 2013 car received the 8-speed transmission and dropped about 130lbs with the change. This is one of the few cases where I don’t care about the weight reduction, it’s that gear box paired to that particular 510hp V8 engine (plus slight suspension updates that of course entailed) which I need in my life with this model. Also the infotainment was updated and I believe the Meridian Sound System became available.

It’s also less flashy compared to the XJR and all the newer Jaguar styling changes. Hardest part is tracking down all those things and still having the purple liner, which must be optional since I have yet to see it in the flesh in any XJ (not that I’ve been in too many).


But it will probably be under $40k by the time I can even consider the option, if not much lower. With everyone getting way from sedans and the eventual gas price increase, that Jag should be mine for the taking! Guffaw I say ole Chap! Guffawahahaha!!!


God Save the Roads from Me

‘Night Oppo! I’m heading off.