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Here’s a pretty different Dream Garage for you. Pick any ONE new vehicle model that is on sale right now. You need to pick three differently optioned versions of that model to make your garage. No two vehicles can be equipped with the same engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Two out of three is ok but they need to have different features/packages.


I’ll repeat that in bullet points now:

  • Pick a new vehicle.
  • Pick three different configurations of that car to be your three vehicle garage for all purposes.
  • No two cars can have the same engine, transmission, AND drivetrain. Two is fine but all three being the same is a big ol’ Luigi Nono.

*Bonus points increase as you become more specific about how each vehicle is specced. If you want to configure the cars then go right ahead!

I don’t care how brief or how detailed you get, all I ask is that you, as always, enjoy yo’selves!


**Yes, you can use the 911 even though it’s the lead picture. Would love to hear option two though if that’s the case.

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