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Dream Garage: Track Trio Edition

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Today’s Dream Garage is simple and difficult at the same time. You get THREE vehicles for the track! Now whether those are road courses, ovals, dirt tracks, dragstrips, or temporary courses such as Isle of Man, Pikes Peak and so on will be up to you. Here are a few perimeters for you to follow if you so choose:

  • You are allowed ONE vehicle that does NOT need to be street legal, however you must pay $2,500 per day of use (for up to 6 hours) as the maintenance, setup, fuel, tires, and garaging are all done by the track/event and a dedicated technician it is kept by. It is YOUR car though, so make it worth the service charge.
  • Another vehicle needs to be something you keep at home and is dedicated to whatever type of track or specialised driving you choose. All upkeep is on you though.
  • The last vehicle needs to be able to be driven from your home to the course and back without any assisting vehicles and carrying all the equipment you would need for the day.

Im curious about what car you would be willing to spend at least $2,500 just to experience. But if there isnt a car then double up on one of the other two categories. Show us your dream toybox and as always, enjoy yo’selves!

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