Dream Racing Vegas

Track wasn’t too complicated, but for first-timer it was bit of a handful for me already. Did 3 cars, Cayman GTS, 911 Carrera S, Corvette Z06

My first problem: I was terrible at following instructions, they already noted that when I’m on the simulator. I instinctively brake too early and conservative with gear changes, upshifting when I’m not supposed to, well before the instructor told me. I still posted better times though than other people.


I booked cars in order of power, and covered all 3 drivetrains.

My first car was the GTS, short “3-lap” warmup. They counted enter and exit pit-lanes as a full lap, so I really only had 1 go on the straight. Car was great,


Next up was the 911. Instructor suggested that he do the gear changes for me, since instead of the right up left down shifting, it was the push up pull down system. I thought with the RR layout it would be like a pendulum, but it was REALLY balanced, and it was very easy to carry momentum thr0ugh the corners.


Corvette was the grand finale. Lots of power, but still surprisingly stable and easy to control. A lot more footwork to slow down into corners though, but the torque made it a lot of fun.

Expensive, but all in all a fun experience, and I learned a lot.

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