First, there is the small dream. I’m inching closer to owning an MGF and a Volvo XC70.

This means I’m not busting a €6,000 Limit.

That leaves room for my long dreamed car enthusiast (internet?) show. Obviously not Top Gear, of course. But with a decent amount f man power, effort und knowledge there could be some 20 min episode emerge. Content? So far planned: long term used enthusiast review* with in depth inf on the Homepage. A shorter segment about how to buy an affordable classic (differnce: classic you pull out to enjoy the weather, the landscape and maybe your mistress misses). A Enthusiast Car wanna kicked it’s ass, easy as that). Maybe there is a little piece of wrenching advice or funny story, vintage race reports or whatsoever.


What would you miss?

*We buy and own the cars for decent milage, about half a year. It isn’t 60,000 miles, but with a car already done 150,000 on the odo it’s pretty tough,