You've already been asked what your dream 10-car garage would be. But what if you had to narrow it down to three? What would yours be?

I've got mine narrowed down to only GM vehicles:

Cadillac CTS4 3.6: $67,530

Black Raven paint with 19 inch wheels. I opted for the N/A 6 because I don't need more than 300 horsepower in my daily driver. All-wheel-drive because snow.


Kona Brown interior with Jet Black accents. Performance trim comes loaded with all the options I need: Nav, heated seats, and Magnetic Ride Control.

GMC Sierra 2500 Denali: $65,285


Onyx Black with 20 inch wheels. 6.6 DuraMax for towing duty. 4-wheel drive.


Jet Black leather with all the toys. Nav, heated seats, etc. It's a Denali, it's gonna be loaded.

Chevy Camaro Z/28: $76,150


Black paint with black 19 inch wheels. Track-designed car for track duty.


Black leather because its the only option. I added the stereo system back in which meant A/C had to be added back in as well.

So I've got my Daily, Towing duty, and Weekend Toy. What would your dream three car garage be?