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Dreaming about former cars?

Two nights in a row now, I’ve had a dream involving my second car, a ‘99 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 coupe. Save your criticisms. This was a great car for me with hardly any problems for the 2.5 years and 27,000 miles I drove it. I bought it at age 17 in early 2007 and traded it for my former car, a red Mazda3 hatch, in late 2009.

It’s odd that I’m dreaming about it now, as I last owned it seven years ago. I did see it on Craigslist for sale not too long ago (with well over 200k miles), so that may be why. But, in both my dreams, I was being chased on foot by someone evil/crazy and I somehow had the keys to the Grand Am again and had to scramble to get to it.


Anyone else had similar dreams about former cars or am I the only crazy one?

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^^My grand am, circa mid-2008.

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