Dreaming and hauling or dreaming of a hauler.

Once again, I am trying to escape my reality (When time permits) with think of Idea’s for my Future Autox/Drift/Ultimate frisbee team. Already Though Of a Livery, The Cars (Mke3 Supra for main duties, The lovely Aw11 for S.A.G), But now, We need something to haul the things!

First thought was a NPR or similar Cabover, They are fairly affordable for a regular flatbed but expensive for a wrecker. I think a wrecker would be perfect, Especially for a side job to make a couple bucks recover a few vehicles. Though the High cost on getting into one would be a challenge, So I perused Ebay and found something closer to my price range.


Has all the requirements, A Ford, 5 Speed, Diesel, Stacks, Blue, Stacks and did I mention it had stacks and for the price, it would be fairly reasonable.

However, Not enough room to sleep in or carry tools and parts. I could get a Motel room next to a lovely arrangement of waffle houses and strip clubs, But I prefer to sleep away from questionable fluids and not have to have my CCW on me when I am trying to sleep.

So, A look on my local craigslist found me this:


Once again, All the requirements, Manual, 7.3L diesel and this one has room and ability to me converted to a camper, However, i would still need to have a trailer to haul the car.
My question to all oppo’s, What would you do if you wanted to travel to various even’ts with once vehicle, or for that matter what have you done to do so?

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