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Dreaming What My Future 3-Car Garage Will Look Like

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I just moved to Washington State and upgraded from a 1 bedroom apartment with free-for-all parking spaces to a 3 bedroom townhouse with a 2 car garage. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to downsize again. Garage = Life.


I just wanted to ramble (helps me think) and maybe get your guys’ (had a southern acquaintance once attempt to use this term instead of the resounding souther “Yall’s”, and it was quite funny) opinion on future plans.

(Not my garage pictured above, FYI, that’s why I applied credit. Don’t you see? Or did you just skip over the caption because it’s not entirely relevant here? tisk tisk) (...actually, I’m not sure that’s the correct credit...)


Sports Car:

  • Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec - sold
  • BMW M2 Competition - current

Of the two cars I’ve owned, I like to say I want to own this thing for 10+ years and maybe never sell it. Well I ended up putting 120k miles on the Genesis in 4-5ish years and had enough wheel/suspension issues that I couldn’t get anyone to fix that I had enough and sold it to a coworker. Thankfully he’s enjoying it now and either fixed or doesn’t notice the high speed steering wheel vibration I was having trouble coping with.


I miss the Genesis; it had great hydraulic steering and I wasn’t afraid to provoke it from losing grip because I knew I could control it. The M2C is frightening to me at times, maybe because I’m just not use to it yet. I miss the NA engines’ noise and predictability of the throttle.

Despite my recollections, I retain that the M2C is still a much better car and sports car. I’m keeping this thing for 10+ years for sure, and 1.5 years flew by fast. 25k miles already, uh oh...


What’s interesting is that the M2C has made me less of a yobo (to use the english term). I took it to the Tail of the Dragon in 32 degree weather and didn’t get the back loose at all.

When I bought it, the practicality of the M2C is what I needed. I work from home now (and admittedly mostly did before too) and have a stablemate that’s middle name is practicality. Never know when the work situation will change, so I do always want something that I won’t be afraid to put commuting miles on (see below).

  • Porsche 911 T or GT3 - future?
  • Porsche 981 GT4 or 718 GT4 - future?

I need a pay bump to afford these cars, but I dream of moving up to Porsche; they got me. A used GT4 might be in reach. People have said that the GT4 is more tied down and less of a hooligan than the M2C, but based on my driving style changes I think this might jive.


I couldn’t possibly buy the new M3/M4 with that hideous grill, so I’m probably not staying with ///M.

Commuter 1:

  • Kia Forte - current

This is the miss’s car. It’s nice enough. But not much to say. AMA if you want. It has a sport mode.

  • Tesla Model 3 - future.

She wants one eventually and so do I. It’s a very very nice thing to commute and journey in. Rented one 6 months ago on Turo. AMA if you so desire.


Commuter 2:

  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 - future?
  • Ford Bronco - future?

Here’s where things get interesting...

After moving to WA, I want to own kayaks and be able to take our bikes places. Yes, as you’ll probably tell me I don’t need anything this serious to handle that, but... but... they’re just cool and I want one. Also want to try overlanding, but not sure I will get that serious. I’ve test drove the ZR2 twice and really liked it. This vehicle needs to be able to commute too just incase my work situation changes; I think both can handle that. You’re probably right, it’s not the sensible choice...


Any other suggestions?

Garage art suggestions? (currently renting)

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