On tonight's episode, we feature a mid afternoon dream that occurred during my afternoon nap.

I am at a Texaco gas station by a warehouse for some reason when some random girl gets in my car and suggests we go for a drive. No problem. So we drive over to a dinosaur museum that just opened when we are suddenly attacked by masked men on black Ducati's. I don't know how I did it but I managed to outrun the masked motorcycle thugs and decide to drop the girl off at her house. She smiles at me as she gets out of the car and shoots me a wink as she tells me "We should do that again sometime." Hmmm not bad. I get back home and my stepbrother tells me that my new car has just been delivered, a metallic black Bentley Continental GT. Looks like things are really beginning to shape up. My stepbrother tells me that my father called, saying the recital is in 45 minutes in a newly built Center for The Performing Arts.

I figure that with the Continental, I should be able to make it in the nick of time (I'm 40 miles out) so I get in, start her up and tear out of my neighborhood like a bat out of hell! 37 minutes later, I pull up to the valet and go inside. The lobby really has a pleasing aesthetic, full of indoor gardens and an old school train car restyled as a cafe. Even the theater itself has a garden which fills the air with the musky scent of a whole host of exotic flowers. I take a seat by my father and as I do, the musicians begin to file out on stage. I notice the girl that got in my car take center stage and she looks at me and smiles.

Naturally, this is the part where my mind trolls me by waking me up... Oh bother.