So last night I dreamt that I had bought a black Porsche 964 Turbo, but strangely enough, that wasn't the reason why I was really happy. Turns out I had gotten a call from a girl, but not just any girl. It was THE Girl (AKA Evo IX girl or the girl I visited at the hospital or the girl I picked up in the Cadillac Fleetwood). She wants me to meet her by a Subway but suggested we eat something else for lunch. I hop in the Porsche and fire up the flat-six and I sit in the car for a moment, the only sound being the pulsing rasp of the boxer engine behind me. "This is actually happening!" I think to myself and I then put the car in gear and drive off. I show up at the location she told me and see her standing by the entrance. I park the car just by her and get out to greet her. "You made it on time, sweetheart. Now come on! I heard the pizza here is delicious."
Turns out it's a futuristic styled pizzeria, all surfaces gleaming with a nickel finish. We order a small pizza for the two of us and we sit near the entrance, the 911 in clear view through the large plexiglass window. "That Blackbird is a beauty, how's she run?" She asks. "She can run with the best of them, I still can't believe I own one.". "Dreams come true if you set your mind to them, darling" and with that she gives me that smile I love, the smile that can brighten up even the darkest day. We finish eating and step out to the parking lot. "My dad dropped me off but can't come now to pick me up so I guess you're going to have to take me home in the Blackbird.".

We hop in and I start her up, the engine comes to life with a raspy bark and soon settles into idle. "Make this beauty sing, sweetheart!" She whispers in my ear before giving me a kiss. With that, I look her in the eye and we both smile as I put the gear lever in first. "Well then, sweety. Let's roll!" And with that, I give it some revs and drop the clutch, feeling the soaring crescendo of the boxer six wail as we catapult towards the horizon.

I woke up in such a good mood because I have the feeling that someday, I will take her for a spin in the Blackbird and it will be all the better because then it will be real.

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