For the last several years I’ve had a very occasional recurring dream. In every case it either involves my old ‘87 CRX which was mostly identical to the one pictured, or my ‘87 Integra RS that was the same color.

The dream plays out in the same way every time, though the main dream itself will be different. In each case, I find the car in a garage or a storage unit where it’s sat for years. I get in and it always starts up but is dirty and has all kinds of random crap in it. My reaction is always the same; “Oh, I must have forgotten it was here. Oh, well, I’ll just start driving it like it was never gone.” and I proceed to do whatever the dream is about. The car is always just a bit part in the dream.


This is the part I can’t figure out: neither of these cars were particularly special to me. The CRX was fun, but it was an auto and had the middling 1.5 12v four. It handled well but was not fast and didn’t even really get the MPG these were known for. And I hated that Integra. It was the only unreliable Honda product I’ve ever come in contact with. But it’s ALWAYS one of these two.

I have no idea why this happens. Does anyone else dream about their old cars like this, where it’s a car you haven’t thought about in a long time and/or it wasn’t exactly a special car?

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