And by that I mean Firebird. To be exact, a 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Ram Air with the 4 speed manual and a/c (which could be added later) in Verdoro Green. Now you ask yourself, but that color could also be had in the 1968 model which would increase your chances of finding one. NO! because for some reason, I have to have those wing windows which only came on the โ€˜67 model. I did get to drive a modified one about 100 miles and romp it a little. That is an experience I will never forget. The car in question was owned by Jim Wangers, the Godfather of the GTO. What an amazing guy to know and hangout with quite often due to my mom in a relationship with his right hand man.

67' Firebird: Built 455 with SD Performance heads backed by TH400, complete performance suspension and a 3.31 12-bolt Posi.

That was a cool car to drive. Notice the wing windows? Check out this 68...


Yup no wing windows.

Unfortunately these have gone up in price recently to stupid numbers. A decent driver with shit interior and shit paint is around $10k+. And I have seen them past $50k... I wish I could go back to the 80's and pick one of these up, of a few. Cause back them they were just old gas hogs that most didnโ€™t want anymore. Who knew....



Been looking in the middle of the country, there is potential out there, but nothing just right. The search will continue for both the car and the money for it.


I would say decent price if this had a motor... F**K people over price their shit.