Drift Idiot challenged Ken Block's Gymkhana 7, here are the results.

A few weeks ago Drift Idiot announced that he was releasing his new Day 13 video on Nov 17th 2014 after a long hiatus of his "Drift Idiot Day X" series due to other duties as video editor, photographer and full time valet parking. So he decided to quit his car parking job and work full time in making videos and drifting.

A week later, Ken Block announced that he was releasing his Gymkhana 7 video coincidentally on the same date as Drift Idiot, so he decided to take this as an opportunity to issue a challenge to Mr. Block himself. By the end of the day whoever has the more views on their YouTube videos wins the challenge!


Drift Idiot showed confidence since the beginning, even creating his own "hashtag" #DriftIdiotBeatsBlock which started flooding trough social media with very strong numbers (13 posts on Instagram and an around 4 all over Twitter).

Just the day before both contenders threw a Video Preview party at their headquarters, and just for a statistical comparison check out this side by side photo of their respective soirées.


Things were looking promising for Mr. Idiot, who released a pre-release statement.

We just had the private world premiere for DriftIdiot Day 13 and it was out of control! Ken Block tried his best to make his release party popping, but I think it's pretty clear who won this round. It's definitely going to be a tight race against Ken and his Gymkhana SEVEN video for who can get the most views by the end of the day tomorrow, but I definitely think we have the upper hand


The stakes were high and we can only imagine the amount of pressure that was being laid over Block's shoulders after DI's bold statements. The only thing left was to wait until next day to release both videos and see the results.


According to some people who attended the Gymkhana 7 release party, Ken seemed nervous and totally avoided any kind of conversation related to the challenge during the video preview, like he was trying to imagine what kind of material was going to be released by Drift Idiot in a few more hours.

I have no idea what y'all talking about or who is this Idiot Drift person.

-Ken Block

The day started with a premature 6:00 AM release by Drift Idiot who clearly was "All In" as the title of his new video stated. and by the time Gymkhana 7 was released he already had a clear advantage over his competitor.


To which Drift Idiot stated the following.

As I predicted, we took and early lead against Ken Block in the #DriftIdiotBeatsBlock challenge.

It's all smooth sailing from here boys! I'm not going to look at the numbers for the rest of the day so the victory will be that much sweeter at midnight, so please keep it a surprise!

Great job everyone!

Apparently somebody needs to explain Mr. Idiot what "301+" means in YouTube, but that didn't stopped him from having an early celebration party with friends and family who crowned him "King of the Internet" after defeating his life long archrival "Kenny Blocks".


But suddenly things got an unexpected turn, apparently Drift Idiot's fans thought they had to watch Gymkhana 7 as well to compare both videos, which added an extreme amount of views on Block's video, turning the tables at the very last moment.

It was a close race right up until the end when Ken Block's Gymkhana 7 video narrowly edged by Drift Idiot Day13 in the viewing numbers.

I'm sorry I let every one down. I think the main problem was that when I asked everyone to watch Day13 and not GymkhanaSEVEN they got confused and then did the opposite. And then told 1000 of their closest friends to do the same. It's cool guys. We all make mistakes.


Tough day for Drift Idiot who after spending his entire video budget of $65.25, two used tires and about day and half of video editing labor experienced the sour taste of defeat. But not for long.

Once all the data got analyzed, the official results shifted the balance in favor of Drift Idiot who released a complex series of graphs he developed in Excel and his final statement.


Based off of science and fact-checking, it appears that I was a little premature in throwing in the towel in the #DriftIdiotBeatsBlock challenge last night. It appears that the real result is actually a tie since I won in the number of "dislikes" field.

We need to send this evidence to the internet right away so things can be set right.


Apparently he called it a "Gentleman's Tie"... but we still think that there's one final factor that would become the final blow against Block and make him achieve absolute victory.


Congratulations Drift Idiot!!!

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