Drift Mode Coming to AWD Kia Stinger GTs (Eventually)

All RWD V6 Stinger GTs come equipped with a mechanical limited-slip differential for 2019. This news immediately made cold weather Stinger owners ask how long until the AWD cars receive some trippy LSD lovin’? Rejoice, for Kia is already providing prototype press drives for their upcoming Dynamic All-Wheel Drive (D-AWD) system for the Calvin Klein (CK).

All drive modes with the D-AWD system send at least 50% of power to the rear wheels but can immediately up that to 90% even in Comfort Mode. All drive modes adjust torque vectoring, stability control, throttle mapping, electronic dampers, and modified engine sound (which can be turned off on 2019 Stinger GTs, I think).


Prototype Dynamic All-Wheel Drive Modes

Comfort Mode

  • ~60% of power to rear wheels most of the time.
  • Auto-upshifts and will revert to full automatic shifting if manual inputs aren’t given for a while.

Sport Mode (Toggle Switch on Center Console)

  • ~80% power to rear wheels most of the time.
  • Auto-upshift at redline but will not switch back to full automatic shifting.

Sport Plus Mode (Toggle to Sport Mode, tap ESC button)

  • Minimum 70% power to rear wheels at all times.
  • Electronic Stability Control becomes relatively lax, allowing for more rotation and play.

Drift Mode (Toggle to Sport Mode, tap ESC button then immediately double tap ESC)

  • Minimum 85% power to rear wheels at all times.
  • ESC Off (but not!)
  • No auto-upshifts even while bouncing off rev-limiter!!

** Overdrift Mode (Toggle to Sport Mode, tap ESC button then immediately double tap ESC while entering the Navigation System in order to input “Dino Dimension” as final destination) **

  • It would take me 5 minutes to explain and you will be more confused than when you started.

There is a more sport-focused Stinger on the way followed by a facelift, both of which I’m very much excited to see. Kia typically releases updates as soon as they are ready for release rather than holding off for milestones in the life cycle. So... it may appear at any time, even mid-model year.


Keep an eye on Kia because they are aiming for benchmark ride and handling across the entire brand, not just competitive ride and handling when you equip the expensive performance package on the sport trim of a couple models that you can't afford to begin with. Give the brie a minute to bake, baby!

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