Another Family weekend tradition is a photography scavenger hunt, we split up into two teams of six, and come back to see what creative ideas the groups came up with. It’s usualu pretty fun. Anyway two of the challenges this year were Drift Wood, and Action. We combined the two.

This was obviously my idea, to drift around the end of this parking lot, which had a perfect C shaped curb to go around, while some one stoodout the sunroof holding a piece of drift wood like as tho it were a sword and we are charging into battle. I was 1000% surprise when my Mother in Law supported this idea, as even some other younger memebers of the team had expressed doubt. When she said yes, my response was “Mom said yes! we’re doing it”


I wish I could have gotten a second shot at it as I didn’t get much angle. The situation was a bit nerve racking, being filmed, having a 16 year old girl hangout my my sunroof, and 4 Family memebers standings near by with little more than a curb to protect them if I screwed up.

The funniest part was when we got home, the other group told me that my wife, who was in their other group said that she knew exactly what I was going to want to do for “driftwood”. She was right

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