Hey guys, just wanted to do a throwback Thursday post to my good old days with the old winter-bitch.
This is a video of me and my buddy Alex Maas. I had a ‘99 Impreza Brighton Wagon with a 5 speed manual and a 50/50 AWD power distribution (godbless Subaru!). I had put in a scooped hood (with removed blocker plates so all the scoops/vents were functional, in some way or another), an EJ25 clutch (it had an EJ22, 142 HP in a 2700 LBS car!), Nokian Hakkapelitta RSi winter tires on steelies, and really comfy and durable Outback Sport seats in mint condition.
It wasn’t much to brag about, but it was the PERFECT winter beater.
By the way: Rust is lighter than carbon fiber, and also likes to perforate my floor pan... as I found out a week later! Ended up scrapping the car a month after due to parental issues.