So Ive been putting together an ITX based computer. My inital plan was to update my old PC and keep portability.

Welll last night that went out the window. Started drinking and then made a horrible decision and spent more than I should have.

I was planning on a $1500 build. Going i5 6600k, EVGA 970 and a SSD for daily used programs. I previously ordered:

- H100iGTX

- ASRock Fatality Z170 ITX

- Corsair 380T

- Corsair Ax860i

- Samsung 850 500gb

As of last night I still needed a cpu, gpu, ram and a few fans. Well I drank and ordered:

- i7 6700k

- EVGA 980TI Hybrid ( the one with AIO cooling)

- G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3200 32GB

- Ax860i Custom Length Red/Black PSU Cables

- H60 to replace the Gpu radiator in a more friendly size

- 6 Noctua PPC 3000 rpm fans

- 2 ACER XB270HU Monitors

- Samsung 850 1Tb SSD

- Samsung 950 Pro 256gb M.2 SSD

Yea, so i spent 3500 bucks on computer parts. On top of the about 800 I already spent.


It’s all hopefully going to fit. Its a dream build really. I didnt plan on spending that much but oh well. Im keeping the parts. Since i ordered 2 monitors and each comes with some Klipsch headset, im giving 1 to a friend.

And again, since i drunkordered, itll be here Monday. Im off monday and Tuesday for a few medical appts, between those ill build this thing.


My peer pressuring friend who didnt stop me will be helping.

This 4000 dollar 4k machine will be my computer for everything. LAN, gaming, and office work.