MrsZtp and I don’t drink alcohol (for a few reasons), but we do thoroughly enjoy non-alcoholic beer; such as root beer. This is our review of two new flavors we’ve never tried before.

First up is Virgil’s Root Beer. Now, regular Virgil’s is our favorite root beer so far, but we have never tried this particular flavor; Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg.

The Nutmeg taste really blends in with the rest of the beer; it didn’t really stand out as too obvious. The taste was milder from their standard root beer; so it was like a spin off of the classic taste we both loved. It was quite smooth too, which is always a pleasure characteristic to have in a drink (IBC Root Beer doesn’t go down smooth).


Next up is this funky drink, the Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer. It’s apparently made from the same people who make Virgil’s root beer. When I saw this, I knew we had to try it.

When you drink this, imagine a bubbly and carbonated liquid in your mouth that tastes like a actual butterscotch candy. Then, the fiz dissipates and you are left with the aftertaste of what feels like a butterscotch candy. It’s crazy how exact it taste likes.


Would I recommend either one? Yes I would. The Bavarian special is a nice drink with a hefty size body that’s pretty cool (we’re keeping the bottle). It’s something I would drink again. The Butterscotch beer I felt was a cool idea, but I’m not sure if I’d drink it again. Then again, the first time I had ginger beer I didn’t like it; but after the third bottle I really enjoyed it. If you are a fan of the candy, this product is for you.

So far, I’ve tried many types/styles of root beer, a few ginger beers, a spicy ginger beer (that was interesting), a birch beer (sooo good), and a butterscotch beer. I’m still look for the elusive apple beer, because apples are awesome. I am always on the lookout for new non-alcoholic beers.

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