Drive Fast Not Loud review: '95 Thunderbird LX

Hi everyone, introducing a new thing today! Well, a couple things rather. The “Fast Not Loud” network currently consists of a YouTube channel in which I interview car owners and then review their car (Drive Fast Not Loud), and a long-form multi-author blog (Live Fast Not Loud) that consists of build logs, reviews, ramblings, and sporadic nonsense contributed to by several midwestern-US oppositelock members. The name, if you were wondering, is a tongue-in-cheek jab at putting a loud exhaust system onto an otherwise slow/stock car, not that I’d ever do something like that. Everything is currently low-budget (I’ll get a mic soon) and very much a work in progress but we look forward to getting feedback from viewers and readers!

We are in the process of authoring some articles for it, but you can find the main site at .


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