I was SO disappointed when /Drive died and moved to a paid channel. They were my favorite Youtube auto journos. Years later, I just pulled the trigger on a subscription out of curiosity and was very surprised by what I found: a completely dead channel with 40 videos that have been downvoted into oblivion. But why!?

I think that the main issue was the lack of content Drive+ provided for $3.99 per month. From what I’ve read in the comments, people didn’t feel like they were getting what they paid for. Furthermore, it’s hard to say exactly what it is that they were paying for in the first place. Out of the 40 videos on offer, some are 45 minutes long while others are 17. It’s very sporadic. There are also lengthy tech segments in some of the shorter films that leave you feeling like you paid for an Engineering Explained video. Those are free...


I understand why all of this content was received so poorly. Judging by the like/dislike ratios, most of the films are bad and some are downright horrible. But that’s just not the case here. They’re actually great, and now I have around 20 hours of TV quality car content to watch, which I plan on burning through in a month, AKA I’ve paid 10 cents per video. Compared to the 3-4 videos per month the original subscribers experienced, that’s an amazing deal. I’ll cancel it in May, and that’ll be the end of that.

Finally, those tech segments? I haven’t watched anything this informative in recent memory. They’re fascinating, and I find myself rewinding them constantly because there is just SO MUCH detailed information that I can’t comprehend it all in one pass. It’s like a college lecture, but actually interesting. Highlights so far? Steve Dinan’s explanation of ECU tuning from the eighties through the present day, and Betim’s (BBI Autosport) explanation of how he builds cars via focusing on heat management. Both were eye opening and made me feel like I’d really learned something.

TL/DR: If you have $4 you won’t be disappointed by a month of Drive+ as long as you cancel after you’ve watched all the content. Since it’s dead, you can see everything they’ve ever uploaded all at once, and then be done with it. And finally, ignore the comments/dislike bar as they’re not actually a reflection of the content’s quality. The videos are worth your time.

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