Drive log

Log 3, 710km, 10l/100km/7:40hrs

After being told that everything I wanted to visit was closed because it was monday, I took off back south, but instead of going back home, I went to a place that I knew would be open no matter what: San Miguel de Allende.


It is a pretty interesting place, 13% of the permantent population is made up of foreigners, and it even has an american consulate (which for a town under 100,000, is newsworthy)

I’ve continued learning about my enviroment, today as I had breakfast, I was served by a waitress that would sign herself any time any of the other patrons gave her a tip, which is a reminder of how deeply religion is entrenched here in this country. SLP, incidentally, amended their constitution last week. It now insures the right to life from conception; meaning abortion just became a felony offence there. Not that it was legal before.

(this photo was taken this morning from my hotel room in SLP)

I have to return to SLP today, since my stuff is still in the hotel, but tomorrow I have a heavily transited day as I have to visit three musems that were closed today.

One of them is a former prison turned the local arts center. I met one of the guards that originally transfered the inmates from the castle-like prison to a new facility in the outskirts of the city. According to him, the operation was called exodo.

I wonder where all of that history goes. If people will record what they did in order to make sure that something remains afterwards. But it shall wait for tomorrow.

For the time being, I chose to stay in San Miguel de Allende for the day, and return very late. This is one place I encourage every single one of you to visit. It is filled with shit to do and it is really good. I wouldn’t call it an authentic Mexican town, but it has great food, a lot of art to see, and it is very safe. It’s kind of prohibitively expensive for me, staying the same amount of time in a hotel here as in SLP would cost me the same as the entire trip.


It reminds me of something my uncle told me and I can’t be sure it’s true or not he said “You get to see the real face of people when they have all they need (as in money)“ This town has everything: tourism, a rich municipal government, and a richer state government to rely on, and boy does it show.

After visiting the museums tomorrow, I plan on returning to Queretaro and sitting there until traffic to Mexico City relaxes. This trip might've taken five hours on a sunday, but it could take seven hours on a weekday if I'm not careful.


Log 2, 530km, 8.9l/100km 5:10hrs

I arrived in San Luis Potosi, and headed to the San Jose Dam, Tangamanga park (location of the 727), then the labrinth museum, then I reached my hotel later on and reluctantly gave my keys away to the valet.


I guess that the question remains being: what am I gonna do with this time? Am I gonna waste it? Am I going to use it efficiently? I have concluded this though: Mexico is massive.
I drove five hours, which is about the same time that it would take me to go from the tip of the western edge of Spain to the capital, whereas here... I’m barely north enough to consider myself as being in the north of Mexico. It’s a strange feeling because so many things can be said about this country depending on where you went inside of it. Right now I’m in the richest part of the country; the lowlands, and it feels like a completely different place to Mexico City. All the streets are perfect; not a single pothole at all, everyone drives very fast and everything is a bit more expensive.


I just feel that it demonstrates how drastic 5 hours of driving could be. Which means that I’m as far from fellow oppo Esteve than from my family at this very moment.


I’m having lunch in a restaurant that BMW (Who build the 3er here in SLP) had originally reserved for some sort of event, but they canceled. so it’s empty now. I won’t show a picture of my food because I am atop of that kinda crap, but rest assured it was good.

Log 1, 230km, 8.5l/100km, 2:15hrs

I took off northbound today at 6:15AM with nothing really in mind. I told myself this trip would be to try and concentrate on something for once. Oh how dramatic I sound!

I took a short deviation and came to Queretaro; the fastest growing city in Mexico which doubles as the safest city in the Lowlands region.


I stoped in QRO for no other reason than, why not? As a soon-to-be engineer, chances are most job opportunities inside my country will be here because of the growth, safety, and economic prowess. Other than that... It should be a short stop; I’ll head to the local park and then GTFO of here.


PS: Why the fuck do people outside Mexico City drive so quickly? I got overtaken by a van when I was myself doing 130km/h; twenty above!

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