Drive+ subscription details (ATTN: The Smoking Tire/ Spinelli)

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Doing my morning auto news rounds and I ran into this article on Pistonheads.

Basically /drive isn't really profitable, so they're going to start charging for it. Turns out the reason we haven't been seeing much new /drive content is likely a combo of the NBCSN filming as well as this deal being worked out.


Subscription works out to $3.99/month or $39.99 a year, it goes live on Thursday with the LaFerrari video.

I personally have no issue paying for good content. I love what you guys are doing but before I plunk down my credit card, I'm just trying figure out how much content I'll be getting with the subscription.


Basically, my question is, are there plans to start rolling out videos on a regular basis. Like will I be getting to watch a new video every week, or just be paying so I can sit down an watch one or two videos a month?

Any feedback on the topic would he great, and also is there a way to tag Spinelli or Farah in this post?

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