Drive The Ragged Edge: The 1969 American Road Race of Champions

Michael Spreadbury over at Spriso Motorsports is known for his expertise at fabricating beautiful SR20DET swapped classic Datsuns. He can add Archaeologist to his resume, unearthing a wonderful gem of road racing history from the vault of ‘D’ Production winner Jack Scoville.

Michael Writes:

This is a very rare copy of the Nissan produced movie “Drive the Ragged Edge” which chronicles the 1969 American Road Race of Champions national championship runoffs at Daytona, Florida. Jack Scoville, a local Datsun dealer from Corvallis, Oregon and successful privateer racer, won the race, beating the BRE roadsters and Bob Sharp for the national championship title— the first for a 2000 roadster.
This movie features some amazing footage of the factory supported racers Bob Sharp and Brock Racing Enterprises (as well as privateers such as Jack Scoville) racing their Datsun 2000 and 1600 roadsters at the runoffs. This race features the first time that Datsun won a national championship in a 2000 roadster.
This movie also features a fantastic Datsun commercial featuring a “BRE” Datsun 510 sedan.
A very special thanks to my dear friend, Jack Scoville for lending me his original copy of the movie to share!


An interview with Jack, done in 2000 and detailing those days as a Roadster racer, can be found at…

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