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Some of you may know, some of you may not know, but I am a high school history teacher. Every year the school has a word that is our theme for the year. Normally I make some small personal effort to do a bulletin board or put some signs up. This year the word is "Driven." Like all of you that follow Jalopnik and/or Oppositelock this word has a lot more meaning than the usual theme words to me. Therefore I want to find a lot of excellent images of cars and drivers and print them and laminate them and make a really nice display. I figured that you all would be the best people in the entire world to ask for help on it.

What I'm looking for: Images of drivers, images of cars and drivers, school wall appropriate "Driven" themed photoedits. Think about what would have been cool to you when you were in high school. You can put them up here (linked to imgur/Flickr and so on) or send them to cmagruder at that gmail place.


Example: I'm going to use that Turbonique/Mr. Pitiful "I'm Sorry" Ad.

Thanks in advance! I'll photo the results after I'm done and share it here.

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