Driven off into the sunset. Goodbye old friend.

Just sold my dad’s car of the last 15 years for him tonight, not worth much these days ($1900 for a very reliable clean car). Served us well, many fond childhood memories in the thing. Initially I was not fond of it as I was always a Ford fanboy.

Learnt to drive in it and travelled all over the country in it. Dad had been reluctant to sell for the past 5 year’s, because no other car felt as powerful in his mind, even v8 mercs did not compare for him (eventually got a new cx5 GT) . I had been driving it for the past 2 weeks and by gosh it’s still a comfy lazy cruiser with decent handling. The new owner had upgraded to a new car but was wanting to go back to this model commodore as well.


So long old pal, you did eventually win me over.

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