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So, I’ve just made it through the utter travesty that is the comment section under the hand-wring-y article about how one chapter of the BMW CCA has (misguidedly) banned cars with driver aids from participating in track days. Needless to say, the opinions on this range from misguided to literal insanity.

1. You are not better than any ABS system built in the lifetimes of pretty much all the users of this site. If you think you are, you’re delusional and an idiot. And you need to either learn to drive or see a doctor. If I have to read one more comment about how someone is basically the next Senna but was “almost killed because the ABS threw them off” I will lose my mind too.


2. Accidents, injuries and deaths related to road incidents have been going down every single year for a long, long time despite the rapid increase in number of cars and number of drivers, and also despite our absolute dog-shit driver’s ed system. Do you know why that is? It’s not because you made a comment on Jalopnik about how great manual transmissions are. It’s because modern cars are so well designed and so safe, it’s hard to even get in an accident these days, let alone get yourself hurt or killed in one. This is exactly due to the advances in tech present in driver aid systems, tires, chassis design, and active/passive safety features. This is quite literally not up for debate. If you disagree, you’re wrong, and again I will refer you to a psychologist to handle your delusions.

3. There is no law forcing you to use driver aids. There is nothing at all...except yourself. I am as loud a voice as any pushing back against mandatory anything by the government...but you sure as hell don’t have to use them if you feel you’re somehow slightly better than Sebastian Loeb & Michael Schumacher combined.

4. Yes, of course, these systems incentivize people to drive poorly, perhaps, maybe...wait, do they? I have yet to see any evidence that draws a straight line here. Perhaps because there’s simply not enough time under the belt yet. Regardless...who cares? Most people could not be bothered to operate a car decently anyway. YOUR CHOICE IS NOT DRIVER AIDS & SHITTY DRIVERS OR NO DRIVER AIDS AND SHIT DRIVERS. Your choice is no driver aids, shitty drivers, and a massive spike in death and destruction (Including you, by the way, when one of these clueless idiots hits you) or driver aids, shitty drivers, and at least a set of tools to mitigate the impact these people will have. There is no magical third choice where everyone becomes Senna once you take away driver aids. Again...if you disagree, you’re wrong. Plenty of studies have been done to show the propensity of people to be shitty, distracted drivers. And it’s been going on since the wheel was invented.

5. There is no reason for this rule to have been implemented, as all these systems are easy to defeat. BMW CCA even condemned the decision themselves. Acting as if this is some sort of seismic shit in the enthusiast world is silly and reactive, not based on fact. We will learn to deal with this stuff just like we dealt with everything else. I’m sure this will change very soon.


This isn’t directed at anyone on here specifically, but seeing as the entire comment section is just a mess of people loudly spouting complete falsehoods, I felt compelled to write something in response...even if no one sees it. I own an E28 and an E60...I have both sides of the fence covered.

Have a BMW for your troubles.

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