Driver Cam: My first crappy driver cam

A few months back, I said I would eventually release a driver cam video of my “ugly face” driving my mustang. Because driver cams are apparently really cool. So, I finally delivered.


Me and my buddy are in the process of launching a new Youtube channel for all out motorized adventures and shenanigans. This is the first video, to pop the cherry so to speak. The quality is crap and personally, I find it rather boring. But, I said I would do it so I did it.

Hey, maybe some of you will like it? At least there’s some exhaust and intake noises and some crackles and whatnot. But you have to endure my damn face. Unfair, I know!


Description from Youtube: “In the first installment of “Ottawa Valley Adventures - Driver Cams”, Justin drives his mustang to go pickup his date in the next town. No music, no dialog. Just his silly mug, his reactions (or lack thereof) and the sounds from the V6 ford. You can skip the boring highway segment after the 5:00 mark by going straight to 19:00”

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