I love this so much. Driver searches are one of my favorite parts of motorsport. Do well and you get a fully funded ride! And this wasn’t any random drivers search... it’s for women only! This is Collete Davis, a GRC Lites driver and one of the contestants. The other woman included drifters, time attack drivers, road racers, and motorcycle racers.


Part 1 was about the driver’s ability to promote and tell a story. But in part two, they go to the track and put the women through a series of tests to see how they handle the Fiat rally car/ race car at speed! And its awesome!

They test lap times, car control, and ability to adapt to different conditions. I love how they made the car super loose to drive and didn’t really share what was going on with the drivers... Naturally it makes it awesome to watch! Check it out. Would you choose the same driver to run your car? I would!