is a sim racing league that I started. I even made a cool logo.

I made a Kinja blog as well, but the league has kind of flamed out so it sits dormant.

My idea, on the surface, is a sim racing blog reporting news, reviewing sims and equipment and interviewing industry insiders.

The blog, however, would only be one part of the operation. The second phase would have the blog serve as the home of a competitive sim racing competition with regional, national and championship level competitions, which is not your usual online experience where everyone races from home, but rather live events where racers gather in person to race on equal equipment.

Once you've identified the best sim racers, put them in race cars, a la GT Academy.


Jalopnik would then have a new sub blog, be host to the first ever SCCA-like live sim racing league and have a stable of talented drivers to call their own.