You may (probably not) remember my post from late August of last year while struggling to get estimates to have some concrete work done. Finally, after all this time, the end of my driveway was poured today.

Also creates a fun excuse to drive through the yard for a week

The last 18-ish feet of the driveway have been gravel/mud since I moved in, and when they repaved the road two years ago it also became a pretty significant drop from the road surface. It was also a huge pain to try to shovel snow off of in the winter. I assume they’ll do the cut lines when they come back for their pylon.


No more! Finally found a contractor who not only answers the phone, but also showed up (on time, even) to do the estimate, actually sent me the estimate, and did the work today. I’m pleased; unless anything changes, I expect to have these same guys re-do my garage floor next year, which is in really bad shape (heaved/settled/spalling).

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