Driveways of America: First Edition

One night on a bike ride I realized that as I passed all the houses in the neighborhood that most driveways contained two (or more) cars. Inspired by EL-ULY’s CCIARAT (Coolest Car In A Random-Ass Town), I have decided that every Tuesday I will post a picture (from Google Street View) of a random suburban house in the United States and Oppo can choose which car they’d rather have, as well as guess the general location in the country. Note: This is not meant to single out or highlight any property in a negative manner. Just thought I’d put a disclaimer before the world freaks out. Anyways, let’s give it a try:

Property in question.


Close up of the vehicles.

In the comments below, explain your choice and start guessing! (Suggestions also welcome for future editions—you can even submit your own driveway, though posting a picture in the comments is not recommended for obvious reasons...)

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