Driving a lifted 6-Speed JL Wrangler for two days. AMA

2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in it’s natural habitat besides the mall.

I get to drive this beauty around for a couple of days while my friend tries out my GTI. It’s a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport Soft Top 6 Speed Manual. Modifications include - 2 inch lift, 35 inch tires, cold air intake, and a Superchips “tune”. I apologize I don’t know all the brands for the Mods, but I’ll try to find out when I do a review.

Quick notes:

  • JL interior is SO much nicer than previous Wranglers, while still staying true to what makes it an iconic machine.
  • I’ve driven a few stock JL’s and the lift sucks. They made a lot of improvements in the JL and the lift reverses those.
  • Soft Top is somewhat noisy, but so so easy to operate. God, I wish it was warmer out.
  • HOT TAKE - The 8 speed automatic is the way to go in the Wrangler. The manual is fun in it’s own way, but it doesn’t make this SUV. The Wrangler is geared tall and it feels sluggish with the 35's.

Have any questions? Let me know!

+5 HP for stickers

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