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Driving a Loaner CUV - AMA

2019 Chevy Equinox, low range trim(?) . Black on black isnt the color scheme I’d buy, but whatever. Interior is plastic fantastic, not even fake wood or piano black trim! New Car Smell is pleasant but not overwhelming.

I’m getting used to using a start button as well as the start/sstop engine. I quite dislike the Rando-Shift TM transmission...


I think this thing does have enough power - if only it were just applied correctly & consistently.

Visibility is good! Its been awhile since I could say that about a car I was driving.

Infotainment system is very responsive - these things might finally be on par with cel phones in that area. I do miss the ability to pause/rwd/ff the radio as in my Colorado. Why remove that Chevy?

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