Driving again. Many happy

Got to get back in the car again a week after my surgery. Things are going well, and driving is a win. Though the cruiser is HATING the heat. its been 100+ a few days in a row and the AC only works when then engine is above 1200 rpm because there is only a clutch fan and no electric pusher fan for the condenser (yet). plus my evap system gets all gassy when its really hot, which is lovely. Radiator is doing its job though, never spiking above 208 and usually hanging around 196-199.


Also got my GX fixed (new CV) from the dealer gratis...actually more than free because we cleaned them out for free soda’s granola and cookies. take that! Also, this. You know off-roading is serious business these days when this is in the showroom floor (not used). If these didn’t have the worst, approach angle ruining face ever...

anyway. There you go

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