Today’s lesson on the TX DPS new driver log was backwards driving. They allotted an entire 30 minutes for this (you are also supposed to do it for 30 minutes at night). We spent an hour doing it, and will spend more time on it in the future.

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We found a parking lot that had fire zone lines painted on it, and we practiced driving backwards and tracking parallel to the line, both on the right side and the left. I also had my son drive the Odyssey, which has bigger mirrors, better visibility, and no backup camera. We’re going to learn to do this old school before we add the camera. We also did it entirely by the mirrors; no turning and looking out the back window.


It took a while to get the hang of “backwards” steering, but I want my son to be as comfortable as possible backing up and using the mirrors. Ultimately, driving backwards is no different than driving forwards, and the wheel movements should be equally natural. If you have to think about which way to turn the wheel, you’re toast.

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