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Driving Fast At The Track? You Are Doing It Wrong!

Automotive journalism isn’t easy, and it’s tough to get a flying start. We cannot all be Jeremy Clarkson or Chris Harris. You are not typically able to gain access to supercars and higher end vehicles until you prove you can influence others through your words. When you are first starting out, you pretty much say “YES” to every opportunity thrown your way because they may not come again. The key is to make the most of those opportunities.

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This past summer, Xtreme Xperience – the country’s best traveling track day program – invited Editor-in-Chief William Byrd and myself out this past summer to drive a few supercars. In a past article, I mentioned that I tracked the Nissan GT-R, achieved a top speed of 134 MPH, and I hinted that we did something special in a Ferrari.


I have been fortunate enough to track a Ferrari 458 Italia before at speed at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Xtreme Xperience provided me with another chance to track the 458. As I mentioned before, with these rare opportunities I knew that this might be my last drive in a 458 ever. So what did I do?

I set a track record!

Slowest time around New Jersey Motorsports Park (Lightning Circuit) in a Ferrari 458 Italia.


Being the internet, you may want to research that and see if you can find a slower lap. Doesn’t matter, this is going on my resume and it is not coming off. Also, I believe probably broke a record for best Ferrari MPG at the track. Again, prove me wrong.

Sure I went slow, but there are some interesting things you notice at the track when you are not flying by at triple-digit speeds. Words, are words, I think this is something you need to see for yourself:

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