Hi all!

As many of you have possibly seen me mention in a few previous posts and some comments, I’ve been on the hunt for some auxiliary lighting to brighten up my dim headlights on those dark rural roads here in Nova Scotia, and also in inclimate weather. (By driving lights, I mean long range spots that go on and off with your high beams.) I’ve ordered some new brighter Philips H4 bulbs - my previous Sylvania bulbs both burned out in the last two weeks, so my dim OEM bulbs are back in at the moment.

To go along with the new headlight bulbs, I was looking into LED lighting on Amazon, and various lights at Canadian Tire, but lighting on Amazon is a crapshoot/many aren’t technically street legal. As for Crappy Tire - most of their lights have incredibad reviews, so I want to stay away from those.

I really like PIAA’s RF3 Cube 3" LED lights, as they look cool, are well built, are street legal (SAE approved!), are very bright and effective, and are nice and compact (3" square)......but they are hella expensive at like $300 CAD (lawl, lighting pun! :P)

Anybody have any suggestions for cheaper, decent quality alternatives? Shape doesn’t matter so much, but I would prefer a driving/spot beam to get the longer range sight lines. The mounting system I would be going with would require the lights to mount with one bolt each. There are a few LED solutions on Amazon that are at a decent price, but .I would worry about their legality.

Cheers for any suggestions! :)