So I am looking at different options for adding driving lights to the Mini. Why? Because rallycar. I would like to mount a pair of lights in the hood grill where the base of the stripes would be if my car had stripes. I can get brackets which mount to the hood and protrude through the grill for about $60. My issue is which lights to mount on the brackets.

The first option is PIAAs solution. Turner Motorsport sells a kit (or rather still has a couple of discontinued kits in stock) which includes a pair of PIAA 540 driving lights and the brackets to mount them to the Mini. They are 1/8in larger in diameter (5 1/8 in vs 5 in) than the optional factory Mini lights (which cost over $600 to install) and feature a much larger lens. I like the way they look but would like something slightly larger. They do not however come with solid protective covers and instead use the branded grill over the lights commonly seen on truck lights. The kit is also $325.

The other option I found are Hella 500s. These are much cheaper at ~$60 for a pair on amazon. They are a little over 6.4 inches in diameter (163mm) and may be a hair large for the car. They do however come with proper protective covers.


Both kits come with a wiring harness and other components needed to install them in the car. Personally though I think I would prefer something with a 5.5-6in diameter. I would like to be under $200 installed (I will be doing the install my self) and they will mostly be for looks, though they will get used from time to time. Does Oppo have any ideas for lights that are around 5.5-6in in diameter or should I just say screw it and grab a pair of the Hellas?