Driving on the wrong side of the road

Recently was in the UK for business and picked up a rental at Heathrow. Always enjoy seeing the different cars available in Europe especially the wagons/estates/avants. Also find it interesting that most rentals are manuals. Right hand drive with left hand shift takes a little getting used to but overall not that different. Biggest challenge is recalibrating your view of the rearview mirror since it is up and left instead of right.

The rental was a Suzuki Vitara, which wasnt particularly good. Mostly felt cumbersome and a little slow. At least it was something we dont have in the US.


Love the 2 door Fiesta ST! Noticed several of these around.

Saw several cool cars including a few Lambos and a gorgeous new white R8 V10. Coolest car may have been an older 80s or 90s 2 door Bentley that looked well kept and just so British. Didnt get a pic tho.

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