It has come to my attention that, over the last year or so, I have created a driving playlist that I am quite proud of. Now, I am of the school of thought that a car that makes some beautiful noises doesn't even need a radio. I doubt many here would disagree with that. However, this playlist is called "Midnight Drives" and is for just that. Sometimes we can get as much out of a late night cruise as we can from a spirited drive during the day. I was wondering if anyone else has a driving playlist they are proud of and, if so, what's on it. A portion of mine is as follows. It should give you a good feeling as to what mine is made up of.

Jasmine - Jai Paul
We Own The Sky - M83
I Want Your Love - Chromatics
These Streets Will Never Look The Same - Chromatics
Cyanide Sisters - Com Truise
Nightcall - Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx

Thats just a handful of songs off of Midnight Drives, and I admit its influences by the soundtrack from the movie, Drive.

So, what's on yours?