Driving shoes, who has them?

I never thought I’d be asking about this, because I never really thought I needed them, but I need a new pair of shoes in general, so here goes.

I’m not looking for “driving shoes” so much as I am some nice comfortable form-fitting shoes, that are good enough for flat feet, and would be good for daily use and driving at the same time.


Here are my current pair of daily shoes I essentially ruined mowing my lawn yesterday:

I only ever buy shoes probably never. I tried using my tennis shoes, and the soles are so fat, it makes my feet feel further away from the pedals than they really are. these old ones lasted at least 4 years, so I need something new now. I’m looking online and have one shoe that I just think looks awesome:


They appear not to have that much sole on the bottom, which is all I’m really looking for in a nice looking package. they even look more comfortable than my pairs of Converse shoes that are only good for driving, but are really a pain for walking all day and such. So the question is: If not these shoes, does anyone have a preference, a recommendation of sorts? Or do you just slap on whatever shoe you feel like and just go out and drive?

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