What do you do when your race gets postponed due to a wet track? Simple, you call upon the racers to bring out their vehicles they used to drive to the track, and then have them dry the track.

Last week me and my father went down to Danville to road race on the VIR north course. This was on Saturday.

Sunday came, and as we knew ahead of time, there was a 30% chance of rain. More like 100%, the lying weather.com bastards, because the sky would dump it's load, wait for everything to settle down an hour later, and then dump more rain on the track. While a select few kart classes can run in the rain with wet tires, the downpour was torrential, and they stayed in. After a break in the weather, an announcement came on the track's loudspeaker system, inviting all racers to take their vehicles out to soak up the water on the track. We accepted the invite. Drive around at no more than 45MPH, no passing others, etc. etc. The result was a hilarious and very memorable Sunday at the track. I'd say we were accompanied on the track by at least 20 other cars. And after we got off, many of them stayed out for another half hour.


Sadly enough the efforts were in vain, the rain came back with a vengeance before a kart could be sent out. Shortly after that the race was cancelled, and everyone pretty much knew that would happen, as they cleared out quick.

Still, being able to experience this is something that probably won't happen again. VIR is a wonderful place and the fact they allowed us to do this is something I'll never forget.