So here is my first published test video of using Google Glass while driving. Not too long of a video really just meant to walk through what it is like to video with Google Glass in the car. Before this video I made a couple test videos that I was really happy with and on my third try I feel I nailed a much better video shot. Even now I have a couple more that I want to edit up and post up as well.

Here are some notes about the video I would like to make:

  • I have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies...sorry about that
  • The inside of the car is rather dark due to my window tint
  • Night videos are awful because the camera has a terrible video ISO
  • At 1:50 you will see a BMW cross two lanes of traffic for an onramp
  • The video is 720p, but other factors really limit quality, I am going to try and clean it up as best I can for future videos.

I hope to get a couple videos up a week starting with another in car driving video and a then a walk around of a car.