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Nothing proves the dynamic growth and interest the café scene has generated more than the fact that several manufacturers are now coming out with turn-key lightweight speedsters - just like they did during the original café craze. And while these new Triumphs, Royal Enfields, and Hondas are all worthy rides, as is always the case the really interesting finds live out on the fringes.


Cleveland Cyclewerks is certainly such an outlier – a tiny American firm putting out cafés and bobbers that feature classic Honda derived 250cc engines that have been simplified and modernized. Their Misfit motorcycle fits well with the café ethos of lightweight and necessity driven, and was my starting point for my project.

To boost power, the Misfit was shipped off to 233 Customs in Las Vegas for a new head, racing carb, and a custom exhaust. While it was torn apart, they tackled a host of cosmetic upgrades like clubmans, pipe wrap, a new sculpted seat, and a lithium-ion battery replacement and relocation to free up the center of the bike.


The tins were simultaneously shipped off to Old Skool Kustom Painting of Ohio for their date in the paint booth. This bike is painted in authentic Porsche colors Grand Prix White and Mexico Blue to match the car it shares a garage with.

With the performance upgrades, this moto screams through LA traffic and blitzes the Malibu canyons with equal aplomb. Size matters, and the streets of Los Angeles are not a place for big, lumbering cruisers. Kind of like London in the 50's… This bike stalks Harleys and Triumphs like a hungry predator, and it answers to the name The Wolf.


You can read the full breakdown of the build over at DrivingScene.

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