Joe Accountant and his wife were out for a country drive in the Scottish highland when he spotted a flahsy yellow Mustang zip along the curvy roads. Being a prudent drone pilot he decided to invade everyone’s privacy and spy on the unusual automotive activity.

Little did he know who should be driving said Mustang, but none other than the newest presenter to join the Top Gear crew, Rory Reid. It seems Reid wasn’t bothered by the interruption and was happy enough to pose for the obligatory drone selfie. Now I guess we have some sweet Mustang driving content to look forward to in the upcoming rehash of the BBC’s Top Gear.

Rory Reid is one of the new conglomerate of talent slated to host the upcoming season of the world famous motoring show. Rory is the only presenter chosen by submitting a 30 second audition tape to the BBC and wooing the heart of Chris Evans. It looks like his first duty as host has been relegated to discerning the capability of a moderately priced American pony car.