Taken at last year’s Michigan Ave. Cruise

I want one of these trucks so damn bad. But they’re just out of my reach.

Many of you probably know of my love and want of a squarebody Dodge, but I want a ‘73-’79 (Preferably ‘73-’77) Ford truck even more. 302, 351, 400, 4 speed, auto, doesn’t matter. Only requisites I’d have are


1. 4x4

2. V8. Yes, I know the 300 I6 is impossible to kill. But V8 rumble.

3. Regular cab. Sure, the ext cabs are rare, but they just don’t do anything for me.

I can tell exactly how I’d build one:

4 inch lift with 35s, white wagon wheels, chrome roll bar. KC Daylighters (The originals- No LEDs for me.) Glasspacks (Glasspacks on anything with a V8 for me, thanks).


Basically, an 80s style 4x4. Just one of a million automotive dreams.

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