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Dropped my 6 off at the body shop this morning.

Enterprise promptly handed me the key to this:

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2017 Ford Focus. 38,000 miles. Hard miles. It smells like smoke, has coffee stains in the seats, and has dents/dings/scratches galore. Oh well. I got my son’s car seat to fit in it and I don’t expect to have it more than a few days. It’s better than what I was told I would be getting (a Nissan Versa).

Here’s a recap of what happened to my 6:


In other news, Allstate (the guy who hit me had insurance through them) is pretty cool. They had me send photos of the damage to them through their app and then did a next-day deposit of the estimate into my bank account. $800-something dollars.

Allstate quoted an aftermarket rear bumper but the shop ordered an OEM Mazda bumper from the dealer I take the car to for service. Oh well. Allstate told me the shop would contact them for anything above what they gave me. So, I have filed that under “not my problem.”

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