But there’s one thing that pisses me off. Some assmonkey from the neighboring parking spot in the apartment lot decided to put something abrasive and heavy on my hood, and pulled it towards them.

I’ve filed a police report online and waiting to hear back from EPD on the matter. If it gets accepted into the system, I plan on going after the tenants of the apartment the parking space is assigned to for reparations in small claims court.

These guys dinged the body of my car with their car door in the past, too, and I’ve told them to be mindful. Since they obviously failed to do so, they’re out of chances with me.

Seriously, how hard is it to just not touch other people’s cars? For your time, Lincoln Town Car of the 1989 vintage that I spotted on my way home. The friend of the owner pulled up into the lot next to me and told me it was a two-owner car with less than 100k original miles on the odometer.


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